Our First School In Kabul!

Afghanistan is the first country we’re operating in and over the summer we’ve been able to construct the foundations for our first school in Kabul. Here’s a peek into our very first project: Roweid Academy

Roweid Academy

We plotted out land for the building based on the average distance of schools to homes and overall population of students not attending, we wanted it to be accessible to every potential student. With our local partners we were able to push out the first floors with room to expand in just a few months!


It was a challenging experience to get all of the supplies on the hill during construction, but thanks to it’s unique location the kids get a great view of the city and nearby villages.


After finishing up the first round of development we were able to start admitting students and had a ton of fun watching them enjoy their new school and go through some of their daily lessons. Today’s lesson was about proper communication and studying the meaning behind some short stories.

Picture 043


It was an extremely rewarding and awesome experience to get to know the community and deliver their first, and our first, school. We still have a lot of work to do in the area, there’s still a ton of room to expand and renovate but we’re excited for it. We’ll revisit the school in a few months and work on improvements to provide the quality quality education that they deserve – and we’re looking forward to continually partner with and support them.

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