Update: Computer Labs

Due to the recent rise in deadly bombings and continuous attacks in the Kabul area, we’ve had to make the difficult decision of halting activity within our first school and have transitioned the students to a safer environment to continue their studies. While this isn’t how we envisioned the current state of affairs, security is the top priority when deciding on whether to continue projects. It’s unclear when we’ll be able to use the building again so we’ve decided to focus our efforts on improving existing schools by providing them with access to computer labs and other technologies that would normally be unavailable.

The first lab will still be for an all-girls school – we are continuously combing through candidates before we commit to a school due to the difficulty of maintaining the equipment and ensuring it is used properly and fully. If we’re unable to commit to a specific school we can continue transporting the computers into a dedicated building instead with trusted oversight to ensure students and children have access to it.

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