The Mission

The Yawari Foundation is a non-profit organization committed to providing accessible and quality education to children of developing nations.


It’s difficult to imagine what its like to have grown up without an education. Many of us take it for granted, usually we look down upon those who haven’t received any schooling. The fact that you can read this sentence is an ability that many children lack and will continue to do so into adulthood but by no fault of their own.

These children want to learn more than anything else in the world – some will travel several hours just to spend a day in class, others will beg in the street hoping for a pencil to take notes, and others will even risk their lives against cultural norms just for equal opportunities.

This is because they understand an education for them means:

– Escaping poverty so their kids can go to recess during lunch instead of the crop field.

– Gaining a voice so they can be heard as an equal person instead of just a gender.

– Reaching a brighter future with better opportunities.

It’s hard to imagine what 250+ million kids go through but we invite you to do so anyway.

They are the same kids you see everyday around you just without the access to the same opportunities. They didn’t choose to be born in a village where the only school is four miles away or into a family that can’t support their schooling; as a result they spend their days laboring instead of learning how to read. They need our help.

Put yourself in their shoes. Wake up before dawn to make the journey to school. Try to stay awake for the first few hours of class. Sit patiently at noon because you don’t have a lunch. Attempt to remember the lesson without a pencil to write it down. Make the long walk back home in time to look after your siblings.

This doesn’t have to be the case, things can change – and it starts with you. Make the decision to help. It doesn’t take much to fund a teacher or make sure a student isn’t learning on an empty stomach. Let’s lend a helping hand and bring everyone one step closer to a quality education.