An education means empowering women, reducing poverty, raising health standards, and improving happiness.

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Could you imagine every sentence looking like a foreign language?


That’s what it looks like for 124+ million children.


124+ million children are currently out-of-school and lack basic reading, writing, and math skills.


A proper education is key in ending the cycle of poverty and allowing for development to take place – children who do receive an education are more likely to send their kids to school.

Few countries have risen above the poverty threshold without an 80% adult literacy rate and just one extra year in school raises an individuals income by up to 10%.




Education is the key to women’s rights, civic engagement, and health outcomes for a country.

Increasing the number of women with a secondary education by just 1% increases annual per capita growth by 0.3%. On top of that some countries lose more than $1 billion dollars a year by failing to equally educate girls.

Not only does schooling reduce early or forceful marriage, it empowers women to make individual choices and strengthens personal beliefs.


If a mother can read, her child is 50% more likely to live past 5.

We can save almost 2 million children’s lives by simply providing mothers with a secondary education. Each extra year of schooling reduces the probability of her child passing by 5% to 10%.

Attending school allows for students to learn about basic hygiene and healthy practices which they can then return to their homes.




Education has consistently been identified as the key factor for determining civil rights and peace within a country. When quality education is introduced and maintained within a region it opens an endless number of doors for generations to come.

The return on investment may take longer to visualize, they are the most worthwhile. Let’s work together and invest in a better future.

We’re currently finishing our first school in Kabul!

Our work has just begun, there are still millions of children that need our help in receiving a proper education.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela

Let’s change the world.